Whatever you do, don’t let accidental time travel and kidnapping and government sabotage and the potential ruination of the universe as you know it stop you from pausing to laugh at the fact that bulletin boards exist.

GET TO KNOW ME: [4/6] FAVORITE MOVIES →  Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)

They like you very much, but they are not the hell your whales.

The Cage / Where No Man Has Gone Before / The Corbomite Maneuver / Mudd’s Women; for my one gifset/edit per episode challenge thing~


21: Tomorrow is Yesterday

A comparatively simple special effect to accomplish during production of The Original Series was that of phaser fire; which relied upon animation. As explained by Stephen Whitfield in “The Making Of Star Trek” (Ballantine Books, 1968): “A series of drawings is prepared, each showing the beam slightly larger and longer than the previous one. These are shot, one frame at a time, and when the film is run at normal speed, it appears as though the beam were being fired.

In the image […] a piece of raw film is marked up to indicate the direction of travel for the desired phaser beam to be added to the scene. Apparently, an initial path slightly to the right was crossed out in favor of one to the left…