BLACK WIDOW: THE RED ROOM; or, the soundtrack to that black widows origin movie we both need and deserve. [ 8TRACKS ]

i.) PROLOGUE; swan lake suite - piotr ilich tchaikovsky
ii.) TAKE THE GIRL; once upon a december (piano version) - emile pandolfi
iii.) TRAINING; 
partition (orchestra version) - chong the nomad
iv.) FIRST KILL; 1812 overture (finale) - piotr ilich tchaikovsky
v.) HE’S MY POINTMAN; the little things - danny elfman
vi.) PARTNERS; casual affair - panic! at the disco
vii.) NEW YORK; beast - nico vega
viii.) WIPE HIM; crazy - red band and ninet tayeb
ix.) BREAKING THROUGH; apres moi (cover) - peter gabriel
x.) BURN IT DOWN; dance of the knights - sergei prokofiev
xi.) LOVE IS FOR CHILDREN; heroes - peter gabriel
xii.) TABULA RASA; oh death - noah gunderson
xiii.) I KEEP GOING; natasha - henry jackman 


fucking hate the town i’m living in because it’s mostly just families so everyone’s in high school and when i see a cute boy i’m like PLEASE DON’T BE A GODDAMN HIGH SCHOOLER

a guy has been trying to chat me up on facebook and he looks like a blonde sam winchester which rocks
but he was one of those kids in high school

More of the boys living the normal life.


building a website takes one million years and i’m so pooped 

Whatever one thinks about porn - and whether an opt-in system is feasible - Object’s Bennett points out that it has had an unmistakable impact on young women’s self esteem. “No wonder we’re anxious,” she says, “When our obsession with removing body hair has become almost pathological.
“Women and girls are constantly under pressure to worry about what they look like. Advertising, the media, music videos, video games all perpetuate the myth that, for women, to be beautiful is to be young, white or light-skinned, able-bodied, thin and hairless, pressuring women to define success by how they look rather than what they have achieved.