new york on friday

“My mother always told me to look death in the face.”

Just applied to a position as Jr. Art Director, which I’m not really qualified for at all.

I was able to meet and hangout a bit with Gus Sorola and Barb Dunkelman of RoosterTeeth, the writer of the Walking Dead videogame, the director of Red Dead Redeption, a Bad Robot exec, three Valve guys [including the Dota lead], Kiki Wolfkill of 343, some Noodlehaus guys, some Nintendo peeps, Chris Hardwick of Nerdist and his lovely lady Chloe Dykstra, and Gabe Newell of Valve. And more. But I can’t think all that well because my mind is fried. Pics and comic recap to come— just needed to brag a little. 

girls who don’t have to wear bras are some of the luckiest motherfuckers

Another set of sketches! I downloaded a brush pack.